Holding an Event in Plattsburgh

The City of Plattsburgh recognizes that special events are an important part of living in Plattsburgh and our quality of life. Events enhance tourism, civic pride, culture and education and provide an economic impact to the community. The application and procedures are intended to help you through the application process and seek approval to hold your event and to help you understand your responsibilities as an event organizer. Take the time to read through the event procedures as this page contains very important information. 

Why do I need to submit an Event Application?

The City of Plattsburgh is proud to host a variety of community and neighborhood events. To promote the success of special events, ensure the safety of event participants and spectators, and minimize public inconvenience caused by the event, a Special Event Application may be required.

Does my event qualify for an Event Application?

If you wish to hold your event on any portion of outdoor property owned by the city including: Roads/road allowance, parks, parking lots, open spaces, walkways, marina, etc. and the event includes any of the following elements: road closures, food or goods being given or sold to the general public, alcohol, fireworks, sound amplification, tents, amusements rides, and/or use of utilities and fencing, you need to submit an event application.

You do not need to submit an event application if your event does not include any of the above elements; however, if you want to reserve the space for your event and ensure no other events are being held in that location at the same time, it is advised that you submit an event application.

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Event applications must be completed and returned with all paperwork and additional required permits. Applications submitted late or incomplete may not be approved.

Submit your application at least 90 days in advance if your event contains the following: road closures, alcohol, is a parade or closure of city property to the public. These events require the approval of the Common Council.

Otherwise, please submit your application at least 20 days in advance.

The Community Engagement Coordinator will serve as the primary point of contact for processing your Event Application.

Step 1: The application process begins for your event when you submit your completed event application. Applications can be mailed or completed online. See below for how to send in your event application.

Step 2: The application will then be reviewed by the Community Events Coordinator within five days of the request.

Step 3: Event organizers may be notified if the event requires additional information or modification and if additional charges may be applicable.

Step 4: If Common Council approval is needed, the Community Event Coordinator will present the application as a report to Council when all requirements are met. All pending documents (certificates of insurance, food permits etc) and or changes required to the Event Application must be received before the Event can be approved. The following information must be received (if applicable): Site Plan Map/Event layout, Map of Road Closures, Alcohol Permits if necessary, Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Step 5: The Community Engagement Coordinator may meet the event organizer in person or over the phone to discuss the event application and help to make your event a success.

All regulations, bylaws and legislation must be adhered to by the event organizer. The event organizer is required to provide evidence, if asked, of all necessary licenses/permits required to operate the event. The event organizers must adhere to all special event policies and procedures. It is strongly recommended that the event organizers provide certified first aid service on site during the operating hours of the event for events with 500+ attendees. Event organizers shall make their event reasonably accessible to all. The City of Plattsburgh may attach such terms and conditions to a permit as deemed necessary to ensure public safety, protect City property or maintain the enjoyment of the park(s), beach and roads for the public. Event organizers must observe all by-laws, rules and regulations on the City of Plattsburgh properties. The cost of any damage to the park and/or facilities as well as missing city property (such as barricades, cones, tables, chairs) will be borne by the event organizer. Event organizers must adhere to the Smoke-Free and the Smoking Prohibited By-law.

Every applicant shall obtain insurance of no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000.00 aggregate (with City of Plattsburgh named as additional insured), per occurrence against loss or damage resulting in bodily injury or death or damage to any property from any one incident and such policy shall name the City as an additional insured and shall protect the City for all claims for all damage, injury or death arising out of any act or omission on the part of the event organizer, its servants or agents.

The City of Plattsburgh reserves the right to set higher insurance limits on the event if required.

Event organizers are required to submit a letter or a copy of their insurance papers from their insurer confirming that the insurance coverage held by the applicant are in accordance with the City’s requirements or a copy of the insurance policy with the City listed to the event application.

Are you in need of insurance? Please click here to purchase insurance.

All road closures must be approved by the Common Council. Emergency access must be provided at all times. The unobstructed fire lane must be left open for emergency vehicles. Sidewalks will remain open to the public throughout the closure except for safety reasons. If a road closure has any impact on area businesses or residents, the applicant may be asked to inform all residents or businesses in the area of road closure, by letter or hand-delivered memo at least 14 days in advance of the Event, of the particulars of the approved temporary road closure and any detour route available to them. The requests for road closure may be subject to event/site specific conditions or alternative routes at the discretion of the City of Plattsburgh.
As an event organizer you are responsible for the clean-up of your event site. The City of Plattsburgh will provide all normal maintenance services to its current routine standards. Any additional maintenance required by the special event organizers prior to or during the event should be requested and additional fees may apply. The event organizer is encouraged to recycle and behave in an environmentally friendly manner. Recycling is strongly encouraged at all events.

All requests for installation of any object that penetrates the ground including fence posts or sign installation will require a Dig Safe Permit (www.digsafelynewyork.com). It is advised to contact Dig Safe at least 10 days prior to the event. This will allow local gas, electric and other services to mark areas prior to any installation. When a DigSafe request has been submitted, the Community Events Coordinator requires a copy of the DigSafe request. Please forward email receipt of DigSafe request or provide a copy of DigSafe request to the Community Engagement Coordinator as soon as it is completed.

If planning a Fireworks display, a Fireworks Permit must be completed and submitted as part of the event application. Firework Display Permit applications are available online here.

Vendors selling non-food items (such as jewelry, arts and crafts etc.) are required to obtain a vendor permit through The City Clerk’s Office.

Vendors selling or distributing food that is not prepackaged need to obtain a Food Truck Permit through the City Clerk’s office. In addition, a Catering Permit from the Clinton County Health Department needs to be completed once the event has been submitted. All vendors must provide a certificate of liability insurance with the City of Plattsburgh named as additionally insured. Event organizers and/or agents must comply with any third party agreements in place at all City of Plattsburgh property.

A Special Occasion Permit must be obtained and must be posted at the event and shall be provided with the City’s Permit application. Any and all the guidelines provided by the New York State Liquor Authority must be adhered to. Please contact the New York State Liquor Authority at 518-474-3114 or email Licensing.Information@sla.ny.gov.

The City of Plattsburgh owns and manages facilities and land where alcohol consumption is not permitted and other facilities where alcohol consumption is permitted under the oversight of the New York State Liquor Authority. Permit Holders and event organizers must follow and comply with the guidelines of the NYS Liquor Authority. Event organizers must submit all of the following documents for an Event Permit will be issued: Copy of the Permit, List of Bartenders and ticket sellers, A copy of the Signed Municipal Alcohol Policy and Site Plan.

Noise is regulated by the City of Plattsburgh. All amplified concerts will not exceed a sound pressure of 70 decibels beyond 100ft from the stage and sound level and sound levels may be monitored accordingly. Concerts must cease by 9:00p.m.

All user fees, equipment and service fees where applicable are subject to provisions of the City of Plattsburgh’s Fees and Surcharges By-law, as amended each year. Should any equipment be damaged during the event the costs will be invoiced to the organization/event organizer.

List of Fees (2023)

Gazebo’s (Sailor’s Beach, Oval, Samuel de Champlain, Lakeview Park/Sailor’s Point Park, Wilcox Dock)$50/day
Beach Lawn$200/day
City Hall (Auditorium, Chambers)$100/day
Utility Fee (Electric or Water)$20/day
City Beach Stage$100/day
BMI/ASCAP Licensing$50/event
Garbage Cans$5/can/event
Garbage Removal$5/bag

For any type of event, fire prevention measures must be included to avoid personal injuries and property damage. If the event is to include the use of tents where people will assemble, specific fire safety planning and measures are required. If the event is to include food vendors specific requirements apply to equipment in general set-up. If the event is to be held within an enclosed/ fenced area, then specific requirements apply to occupant load restrictions, exits etc. If the event requires road closure and/or enclosed/fenced areas, then an unobstructed fire lane must be left open for emergency vehicle Access.

Security/pay duty officers may be required for large-scale events and specifically when alcohol is being served. It is often required when materials and equipment are left onsite overnight. City Police will not act as overnight security.

Contact Information for Submitting an Application

Click here to complete the online application. 

Event Applications can also be dropped off in person at City Hall, mailed to the address below or submitted using the online submission form.

Mail to: The Mayor’s Office
Attn: Community Engagement Coordinator
City Hall
41 City Hall Place
Plattsburgh, NY 12901