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If you wish to hold your event on any portion of outdoor property owned by the city including: Roads/road allowance, parks, parking lots, open spaces, walkways, marina, etc. and the event includes any of the following elements: road closures, food being given or sold to the general public, alcohol, fireworks, sound amplification, tents, amusements rides, use of electricity and fencing.

You do not need to submit an event application if your event does not include any of the above elements; however, if you want to reserve the space for your event and ensure no other events are being held in that location at the same time, it is advised that you submit an event application.

Until this event is approved by the City of Plattsburgh staff, event organizers are advised not to announce, advertise or promote this event. The use of the City of Plattsburgh logo is strictly prohibited unless written permission is obtained.

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By signing, you do hereby hold and save harmless and agree to indemnify the City of Plattsburgh and its elected officials, directors, officers, employees, servants, agents, contractors and their respective heirs, executors, successors with respect to any and all actions, debts, suits, demands, costs, damages and expenses whatsoever arising either directly or indirectly as a result of the rental/use of the facility/park.

I have read and understand the Municipal Events Procedures and I will abide by all guidelines therein.

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Plattsburgh, NY 12901