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Sex Offender Registry

New York State’s Sex Offender Registry was created by the state’s Sex Offender Registration Act. It is intended to provide the public with information on the status and location of sex offenders residing in New York State.

What are the listed offender levels?

The type of information that is available to the public about an offender depends on an offender's risk level, of which there are three:

        1) Level 1: low risk of re-offense: Residence information for these offenders is limited to zip code information.

        2) Level 2: medium risk re-offense: Complete residence address is available for these offenders.

        3) Level 3: high risk of re-offense: Complete residence address is available for these offenders. 

Offenders are listed by their real names and any aliases. A variety of information is available, including

        - Residence address(es)

        - Work address(es)

        - Crime of conviction

        - Vehicle information

        - conditions of supervision (parole or probation)

Multiple photos, names/aliases and home/work addresses are made available on the registry, as they become available and when applicable.