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Animal Rescue

The Plattsburgh Police Department is a leader in investigating crimes against helpless animals. In the past several years we have successfully rescued more than a 300 animals and relocated a great number of them to their forever homes. Our success is due to a dedicated staff, partner organizations, and forward thinking administration with the understanding there is a comprehensive need to combat crimes against animals.  We as a police agency not only have brought several subjects to justice for their abuse, maltreatment and/or abandonment of animals, we were the first law enforcement entity in the State of New York to file and successfully prosecute under the current Agriculture and Markets legislation pertaining to the treatment of the animals. The owners of “Northern Puppies” pet store were arrested and charged with multiple counts of cruelty and were convicted of the same in addition to the husband being convicted of abandonment of more the 30 puppies in and around Clinton County.

As you can imagine the cost associated with these lengthy investigations are enormous. Our contracted veterinary service provider, Dr. Erik Eaglefeather and our contracted shelter provider Elmore SPCA could not be more accommodating and both are as committed to this cause as we are. However, there are thousands of dollars associated with every large scale investigation. With the community support and the receipt of a substantial grant from the ASPCA, the Plattsburgh Police Department still invested tens of thousands of dollars to help these animals.

Adoption & Fostering

Stray dogs are taken to the Elmore SPCA for adoption, however they do not take stray felines. We will endeavor to put a notice on this website whenever we have animals to adopt. In the case of animal abuse or neglect we will immediately see to the animals health, and may be in the need of someone to provide foster care until the case is settled and the animal can be placed up for adoption.

If you should be interested in being a foster caregiver for animals please contact the Police Department at 518-563-3411. We would be happy to provide the food if you can provide a loving environment for them to stay in.


We are most happy to accept donations of food and/or money to offset the cost of veterinary care and housing of these animals. If you wish to make a donation please contact Heather Silver at 518-563-3411.