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Police Academy

The Plattsburgh Police Department hosts the Zone 9 Plattsburgh Police Training Academy, currently directed by Ron Santor. The academy is held approximately once a year for the various police agencies in the Clinton, Essex, and Franklin counties. Departments who send recruits to this training are typically local municipal police, county sheriff, and tribal police departments.

Training is provided according to DCJS mandates and results in excess of 639 hours of training per recruit. Academy instructors come from a wide variety of departments and are of outstanding quality and expertise. Many of the academy instructors are officers from the Plattsburgh Police Department, and have been highly trained by some of the best schools in the country. Though rigorous physically and mentally, the academy provides new recruits excellent growth and experience, both professionally and personally. After academy graduation, the recruits return to their respective departments to learn specific department policies and procedures.

For inquiries, contact the Zone 9 Police Academy Director Ron Santor via email, or call 518-536-7575.