City-Hosted Community Events


City of Plattsburgh

4th of July Parade





  • Parade Check-In is located at the parking area across the street from the City Recreation Center, 52 US Oval . The parade will begin at 1:00 pm.


  • Line-Up assignments will be sent out the week prior to the parade.  Parade entries will be asked to report at varying times based on your number in the line-up.  This alleviates congestion during line-up.  For example, floats 1-5 may be asked to arrive & get float/vehicles in place between 12-12:15; floats 5-10 may be asked to arrive between 12:15-12:30, and so on.


  • Parade will end at the Wilcox Dock area on Cumberland Avenue. PLEASE when you have completed the parade route, exit off the roadway to the grass area across from the Wilcox entrance or into Wilcox Dock parking area to make any alterations or drop-offs necessary.


  • Please be courteous to all entrants by lining up promptly and making sure there is enough room between participants of the parade (do not move from your designated assignment).


  • Please keep all marchers/children and adults close to the curb to avoid moving vehicles.


  • There is a porta-potty/restroom in the parking lot on the US Oval.


  • There is no throwing candy! However, you can designate your parade participants to hand candy out to kids alongside the parade route. People who are handing out candy should wear gloves and if unvaccinated, wear a mask.  There have been instances of deaths and serious injuries due to people, especially children, entering the road and being hit by vehicles. (If this rule is not adhered to, the violating participant will be removed from the parade)


  • Please keep a reasonable pace, not too slow or not too fast, so there are no large gaps between the parade entries.


  • Participants with animals: Please ensure you have a designated person to clean up after your animals during the parade. Thank you!


  • Fire or EMS apparatus:  You may have your emergency lights activated but under no circumstance can you use the siren!!  This is only allowed if the apparatus is responding to an emergency.  The parade committee asks that if the apparatus is in the parade that it would not be used for an emergency response unless there is an extreme circumstance.  The Chief should consider a standby plan until the parade is complete. If you need to exit the Parade Route please consider the following: Exit off Bridge Street at any point until City Hall Place, Cornelia Street from City Hall Place, end of Cumberland @Boynton Ave. It will be VERY problematic for vehicles to try to leave the route from Sailly to the end of Cumberland Ave. 


  • If there are participants who are transporting people or material and are not on the float or attraction at the time of arrival, they must park in the parking lot at the US Oval.  DO NOT park on the side streets near the staging area.


  • The Parade will start at 1:00 pm sharp, please be ready.

Thank you for your participation in the Parade!

 The Parade Committee hopes to make this an enjoyable event, and we hope to see you back again next year!