Short Term Rentals

City of Plattsburgh, NY Short Term Rental Registry

Pursuant to the City of Plattsburgh Short Term Rental Registry Law, the owner of each building containing *Short Term Rental Units shall register the building with the City of Plattsburgh Office of the Building Inspector.  UNREGISTERED SHORT TERM RENTAL PROPERTIES ARE UNLAWFUL.

Short Term Rental Certificates will be issued for any Short Term Rental dwelling subject to the Short Term Rental Registry Law upon the owner or owner’s agent completing the application and certifying under oath and subject to perjury that said dwelling (s) complies with all applicable City and State Codes, Statutes, Laws, Ordinances and regulations.  The applicant will not be granted a certificate if any outstanding violations or monies, including, but not limited to property taxes, water or sewer fees, special assessments or any other fees are owed to the City of Plattsburgh. 

Furthermore, failure to register or renew a Short Term Rental property will make the owner subject to all penalties set forth in said City of Plattsburgh Rental Registry Law.

The certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of approval.  A renewal application must be submitted 3 months prior to expiration of a certificate. However, if there is an event or change in circumstance that would render the information in the registration form inaccurate, within five (5) business days of that event or change in circumstance the Owner shall apply for a new Short Term Rental Registration.

Upon receipt of a Short Term Rental Application form, and annually thereafter, the Office of the Building Inspector shall complete the inspection of the rental property units.  If a property owner fails to allow an inspection, then the Office of the Building Inspector may deny the application for the Short Term Rental Registry Certificate.  Further, at any time, the Office of the Building Inspector may request an inspection of the subject property:

If requested in writing by the owner, owner’s agent or occupant of a Short Term rental; Upon receipt of a registered complaint; Upon the sale, transfer or conveyance of a Short Term Rental. 

A Short Term Rental Registry Certificate shall be mailed by Certified Mail by the owner or owner’s agent to all owners of property within 300 feet of the property lines of the Short Term Rental.  The contact person or entity described on the certificate must document all complaints and responses and submit them to the City of Plattsburgh Building and Zoning Office within 24 hours.


*A Short Term Rental is defined as any dwelling, which may or may not be inhabited by the owner of record or their immediate family, that is rented, in whole or in part, for a period of less than 30 consecutive days to any person or entity, but not including a hotel, motel, inn, campground, or bed and breakfast. 


1 Year Short Term Rental Certificate -                                        $350.00

Renewal Short Term Rental Certificate -                                    $250.00

Missed Inspection date/time -                                                      $50 / property (without 24 hour notice)

Penalty for late registration or renewal -                                     $200 per day 


                                                          Local law:

                                                         Printable application:  Short Term Rental Application.pdf

                                       This application may also be found in Building Inspector Forms on this webpage.