2019-09: 61 Beekman St (Vilas Home) [TABLED]

PB# 2019-09, 61 Beekman Street  [Tabled]
Project Description: Request to construct a 70,350 sf building addition and create additional parking. 
Applicant: Vilas Home, LLC
Plan Preparer: Vilas Home, LLC
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(2) Historic Site Review/Site Plan Review 


2019-16: 98 Boynton Avenue

PB# 2019-16, 98 Boynton Avenue

Project Description: Request to change use of historic building from a two-family residence to a law office with two accessory dwelling units. Additional site improvements to include two new asphalt parking spaces and an attached building sign on eastern face of the building.

Applicant: Dean Schneller

Plan Preparer: Mike Coon, AEDA P.C.

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(2)   Historic Site Review