May 2019 Planning Board Agenda

May 2019 Planning Board Agenda

  1. PBA 05 29 2019.docx

2018-02: 2 Pike Street

Project Description: Request to modify the previously-approved site plan to remove the large single waste dumpster with concrete slab from the northeast corner of the site and replace with two additional parking spaces. Replace trash collection area on southeast corner of the building with (3) 90-gallon rolling containers to be placed on a concrete slab.

Applicant15 Champlain, L.L.C,

Plan Preparer: Robert M. Sutherland, P.C.

  1. Site Plan Amendment Review

2018-13: 3 Circle Grove

Project Description: Request to review proposed retaining wall, site grading, and related improvements for 3 Circle Grove.

Applicant: Michael Racine

Plan Preparer: Robert M. Sutherland, P.C.

  1. Short Environmental Assessment Form
  2. Site Plan Review


2019-08: 57 Court Street

Project Description: Request to replace existing building sign with new building 8’ x 18” sign.

Applicant: Mark Schneider

Plan Preparer: Tara Powers

  1. Long Form SEQR.
  2. Historic Site Review


2019-09: 61 Beekman Street

Project DescriptionRequest to construct a 70,350 sf building addition and create additional parking.

Applicant: Vilas Home, LLC

Plan PreparerVilas Home, LLC

  1. Long Form SEQR.
  2. Historic Site Review/Site Plan Review

2019-10: Durkee Street at Bridge Street

Project Description: Request to initiate coordinated SEQR review and request lead agency status for a forthcoming Site Plan Review application.

Applicant: Prime Plattsburgh, LLC

Plan Preparer: Turner Bradford, P.E., McFarland Johnson

  1. Long Form SEQR coordinated review initiation