DRI Environmental Impact (GEIS)

NOTICE: DRI Generic Environmental Impact Study - FINAL SCOPE

The City of Plattsburgh revitalization efforts will result in several downtown area improvement projects, some of which have already been specifically proposed and some of which are in the conceptual stage. The Common Council recognized that the projects may result in one or more significant impacts on the environment and wishes to review the potential impacts of the projects together rather than separately, including consideration of potential cumulative impacts. 

Thus the Common Council determined to conduct a Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) to guarantee the highest level of scrutiny of the potential adverse environmental impacts of the various projects.

The Chazen Companies has prepared a Final Scoping Document to focus the contents of the GEIS on potentially significant impacts rather than impacts that are likely to be irrelevant or not significant. The Common Council voted to approve the Final Scope at their September 5th meeting.